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There are two major reasons every promotion needs its own landing page. Both highlight why it’s a bad idea to direct visitors to your homepage, or a generic page on your website like “About” or “Contact us.” They also highlight how landing pages can generate more conversions for any business. Here are those reasons:

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Converting a visitor takes the cooperation of many design elements. Together, they not only need to form a persuasive argument, but a usable landing page as well. At the bare minimum, here’s what you’ll need to include on your landing page to compel prospects to act:

In most cases, navigation links are helpful to website visitors who want to learn more about your business via different pages like “About” or “Services.” On your landing page, though, they shouldn’t be needed. Here’s why… Your landing page is a virtual elevator pitch. It’s a one-page summary of your offer that provides visitors all they need to know to decide whether or not to convert. If it’s not relevant to the offer, it shouldn’t be included in your design. That means most of the information on your “About” page — like the story of how your company started — probably isn’t necessary. Your blog content isn’t either.